Canada’s rich and vibrant history was built when the nation was connected coast to coast. This would not have been possible without an adequate railway system. Various local preservation societies and museums have collaborated with local communities to chronicle this rich history.

There are museums all over Canada you could visit to see this in action. You get to see the trains and hear stories about the men and women who kept the nation moving.

Here is a list of railway historical societies and museums across Canada.

Central BC Railway and Forestry Museum

See over 60 vintage steam and diesel-powered locomotives and railroad cars in British Colombia. It’s one of the most significant collections in Canada, and the museum also hosts exhibitions and guided tours throughout the year. They also feature exhibits on forestry conservation efforts and the history of communication in the area.

West Coast Railway Association

This non-profit society enjoys support from the state government. Its main objective is to collect and preserve artifacts related to the history of the railway industry in the Canadian west coast. They have a heritage park in Squamish where the public can admire fascinating and educational exhibitions.

Niagara Railway Museum Inc. (NRM)

This museum is located in Fort Erie, Ontario and celebrates the rich heritage of Niagara’s vast railway network. Members of the public get to view various artifacts, photos and other documents.

Ontario Electric Railway Historical Association

This organization operates Halton County’s electric railway system. Their museum is also the first, and hopefully not the last, electric railway museum in Canada.

Port Moody Station Museum

This museum is a railway station that received passengers and goods in 1917. The public can also view a railway car, “The Venosta,” which operated in the area from 1912 until its retirement. You can also see various artifacts that show you what early life was like in Port Moody.

Canadian Railroad Historical Association, Esquimalt & Nanaimo Division

This organization’s primary goal is to collect and maintain artifacts relating to every aspect of the railway in Vancouver. They have various public outreach initiatives for collecting and documenting the railway’s history.

Guelph Historical Railway Association (GHRA)

This society has been leading efforts to conserve the history of Guelph city’s railway since the ’90s. They have collected various artifacts and documents and hope to establish a railway museum in the future. They partner with the public and other stakeholders to manage and restore vintage equipment. Maybe soon, you could go to one of their static displays or excursions.